I can't get over this unique embroidery project

An embroidered version of a scene from the Ghibli film Howl's Moving Castle
(Image credit: Zoodle_Noodle via Twitter)

Artists are constantly coming up with brand new ways to add a creative flair to their work to make it really pop – and this post circulating Twitter is one of the most unique embroidery projects I've ever seen.

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The video, shared by artist Zoodle_Noodle to Twitter, shows an embroidered still from the classic Ghibli movie Howl's Moving Castle. While the piece itself is beautiful, Zoodle further wows viewers by demonstrating that this project is actually articulated and can be animated by hand. You can watch the process of making it above.

A screenshot from the film Howl's Moving Castle next to an embroidered version of the same scene

(Image credit: Zoodle_Noodle_ via Twitter)

The scene shows the main protagonist of the movie, Sophie Hatter, with her back to the viewer as she works on sewing a hat. It's kind of a genius scene to embroider, considering that's exactly what Sophie herself is up to. The animated mechanism is made using a twisted bit of wire sewn into the back of the arm and then attached to a small lever at the back that is spun by hand. It even features a bit of thread attached to Sophie's hand to really make it look like she's working on her own tiny masterpiece.

I absolutely love this project, and knowing how complicated embroidery projects are by themselves I have a lot of respect to the artist for adding an extra flair to make it even more impressive. And considering the original Twitter post has garnered over a million views, I'm apparently not the only one who is obsessed. Check out some other inspiring art designs in our guide to the best design portfolios.

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