Artists are LOVING these notes on drawing a hand

How to draw hands tips
(Image credit: Miyuli)

Drawing a realistic-looking human body is difficult. Our guide to how to draw (opens in new tab) covers the essentials, but hands are so tricky that it's always useful to pick up extra advice. Luckily for us, illustrator and comic artist Miyuli (opens in new tab) is here to offer some quick tips on how to draw hands (opens in new tab) and nails, and artists on social media are absolutely loving it.

The advice, which was recently shared in a tweet (below), outlines the benefits of using straight and curved lines to communicate the shape and nature of a hand. It also contains some dos and don'ts for drawing fingernails to help give artists a better sense of their dimensions.

So if you're a digital artists who's been blaming your equipment instead of your skills, Miyuli's advice is worth a look-in before you splash some cash on the best drawing tablets (opens in new tab). Check out the tips (opens in new tab) below.

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Despite only being shared very recently, Miyuli's tweet has exploded. At the time of writing, thousands of social media users have given it a like, and hundreds have shared it.

Twitter users have also been flooding the replies to voice their approval. One artist (opens in new tab) said: "Thank you! I’ve been focusing on hands a bit recently and this really helps." While another replied (opens in new tab) with: "Super helpful guide and reminder! Thank you very much".

Perhaps the reason this post is so popular is because it deals with the specifics of fingernails. These can be especially tricky to draw as, once you've nailed the shape of the hand, it can be all too easy to hastily sketch in some approximate nail shapes and call it a day.

So hats off to Miyuli for explaining how to draw hands and nails quickly and clearly. As if this wasn't enough, the illustrator has also compiled a load of their art tips into a volume you can buy for $20 (opens in new tab). And if you would like to support Miyuli even further, be sure to head on over to their Patreon page (opens in new tab) and give them a couple of bucks.

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