Is this Baby Yoda Echo Dot stand the cutest accessory ever?

Baby Yoda Echo stand
(Image credit: Otterbox)

Remember Baby Yoda? Before the horror show of 2020 began in earnest, almost all the internet cared about was the delightful tiny alien (or "force-sensitive Mandalorian foundling" – thanks, Wikipedia) from Disney+ series The Mandalorian. Well, if you're an Amazon Echo Dot user, prepare to be reminded of Baby Yoda's adorableness all over again, with the help of a new tech accessory.

Phone case maker Otterbox has created a Baby Yoda-inspired stand for the Echo Dot 3, featuring the character's signature huge ears. Available to preorder now, the stand turns your device into the cutest bounty hunter in the galaxy. If you're yet to meet Baby Yoda, here's how to get 15% off Disney+ so you can begin bingeing The Mandalorian. Want a grown up Echo Dot? Get one plus a Ring Video Doorbell for 50% off

Baby Yoda Echo stand

In case you need to know more than the fact that it's cute (Image credit: Otterbox)

The stand features a non-slip case to ensure that the Echo Dot will stay in place, and is designed for "simple installation and easy interaction". All you have to do is place the Echo Dot inside the stand. As for whether the massive ears will help the device to pick up voice commands, well, that might be a little too much to hope for – this is purely aesthetic rather than designed to add functionality. But hey, it's cute – and that's all that matters, right?

The stand will be released on August 20th, and you can preorder it now via Amazon for $24.95. Baby Yoda has appeared on all manner of weird and wonderful products this year, including these Disney character face masks. But the character hasn't always been quite so cute – check out this horrifying early concept art at your peril.

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