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Comic Sans on Instagram is the update nobody asked for

(Image credit: Future)

Instagram has rolled out a bunch of new fonts for its Stories feature – and one of them is already becoming quite the story in itself. Among all of the other terrible events of 2020, Instagram users have one more thing to be unhappy about: one of the fonts bears an uncanny resemblance to Comic Sans.

While it's been possible to change the font in your Instagram bio for a while, options have been limited as far as Stories are concerned. The new styles include neon, serif and outline options – but it's one particular fun-looking font that's proving a source of typographical torment for users (check out the best fun fonts for more examples that definitely aren't Comic Sans).

Comic Sans is top of our list of fonts we love to hate, so it's no surprise that people are speaking out about its unexpected arrival on Instagram. Many users have jumped ship to Twitter (below) to make their feelings known about the uninvited guest. 

While many users are clearly very upset, others have taken the opportunity to defend the poor, potentially misunderstood font. Indeed, Comic Sans has its fair share of supporters, owing to its accessibility benefits, particularly for those with dyslexia or ADHD. 

To use the new fonts, all you have to do is Instagram Stories and head to 'Create' mode. There are now nine font options available along the bottom of the screen – including, yes, Comic Sans.

Comic Sans might not be the most professional-looking font around, but hey – Instagram Stories isn't the most professional platform. Maybe its new social media introduction will lead to a new era of love and respect for Comic Sans? Maybe. In the meantime, if you're looking for more typographical inspiration, take a look at our best free fonts

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