We wish we'd come up with these McDonald's ads

McDonald's is known for its eye-catching adverts. It has an extremely recognisable colour scheme, those Golden Arches and the courage to create playful marketing campaigns that sometimes don't even mention its product.

But which are the best McDonald's adverts ever? There are a lot to choose from, from drunken McDonald's messages to an ingenious campaign in France where doors were made to look like fries. One user on Twitter has rounded up what he thinks are the best ones ever, and we've highlighted a few below. Did your favourite make the cut?

Chicken nuggets and father's day

Simple ideas executed well (Image credit: McDonald's)

In the number one spot is this ad for chicken nuggets, which is a simple idea, executed well. It shows the product, and riffs on the cravings people have for said chicken nugget. And the ketchup plus nugget is a subtle nod to the McDonald's colours. (See our why McDonald's uses red and yellow post for more about the brand's colour palette.)

At number two, there's a father's day ad, which shows a cup holding hands with two smaller cups. I don't think it has quite the elegance of the nugget, but it's still a clever idea.

Open 24 hours

You don't need to say much to say something  (Image credit: McDonald's)

In third spot is this 'open 24 hours' ad, which shows a burger half in darkness. Again, this is a simple idea. @TheChiefPlug captions it with: "Principle: Turn every boring announcement into an excuse to be creative." And we couldn't have put it better ourselves.

Look for the golden arches

McDonald's ad that says 'look for the golden arches'

Where could they be? (Image credit: McDonald's)

Skipping further down the list is this iconic campaign from the 1960s, which declares 'look for the golden arches'! This works well because the arches are so easy to identify, and as a slogan it's also memorable.

To explore more McDonald's ads,  and see if your favcourite made the cut, see the thread here. And while you're at it, don't miss our piece on the ingenious TableBag.

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