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Burger King's new ads sizzle for all the wrong reasons

An ad for Burger King in a street in London
(Image credit: INGO for Burger King)

Burger King discovered very few people know their menu and only recognise the Whopper. But rather than hide the fact it's turned a potential marketing disaster into an ad sensation. The McDonald's rival created an ad campaign that celebrates its best burger with no whopping lies or misdirection, and we're loving it (yeah, we know).

This isn't the first time Burger King has impressed us with an inventive ad campaign. It's rebrand last year wowed us with a masterclass in flat design, while the new Burger King reusable packaging hit all the right notes.

The new very honest ads came about because Burger King took to the streets of London, Tokyo, Mexico City and Stockholm with a cash-prize survey to task shoppers with identifying just three of its burgers. Aside from the Whopper, 85% of those asked couldn't name another Burger King sandwich. The result? A marketing campaign that celebrates Burger King's failings by placing its best asset to the forefront.

Burger King ads on a wall

We love this Burger King ad's brutal honesty (Image credit: INGO for Burger King)

The 'All About The Whopper' is a campaign created by Swedish advertising agency INGO, and we love the boisterous attitude behind shouting loudly about your client's shortcomings – turning defeat into creative success.

This isn't the first time INGO and Burger King have set tongues wagging, the same advertising firm created the astonishing Moldy Whopper commercial that celebrated the food's decay. The brag of having no artificial preservatives meant the Whopper could decompose naturally, and they showed us.

If you want to get into ad design then you can do no better than taking a look at Burger King's ads. They're often creative and acerbic, with angles that make you stop and look. In the ad space, Burger King often has it its own way.

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