Is this the worst face mask design idea ever?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably rather familiar with face masks by now. The coverings have become the most (literally) essential fashion item of 2020, as one of the first lines of defence when it comes to stopping the spread of coronavirus. We've seen all sorts of weird and wonderful face mask designs this year – and this bizarre new offering certainly falls into the former category.

If there's one thing most face masks are missing, it's your contact details, right? We didn't think so either, but it seems one Japanese printing company feels the coverings could be a lot more personal. That's right – your face mask can now double as a business card. If you're looking for something a little less LinkedIn, here's where to buy a face mask right now. 

Face masks

It's business time (Image credit: Nagaya Printing)

Nagaya Printing (opens in new tab) is offering made-to-order face masks featuring your name, photo and business details. The three designs include the Customer Service Mask, which has room for a company name and logo, and the Sales Mask, in which your name is more prominent. And if you really mean business, you can opt for the Selling Mask, which also lets you add a personal photo (presumably for potential clients to see what lies beneath the mask itself). 

The mask could prove handy in meetings with multiple people when it's hard to remember names, and perhaps there could be a track and trace benefit (face masks with QR codes, anyone?). But we can't help but wonder if the cons outweigh the pros. For one thing, prospective clients and colleagues are probably going to have to get pretty close to clock the wearer's business details – bringing new meaning to the concept of 'face-to-face' meetings (perhaps unwise during a global pandemic).

There's also the privacy issue. According to Sora News 24 (opens in new tab), Japanese social media users have been quick to point out that the mask literally encourages you to walk down the street wearing your name and contact details. Still, as a secondary mask for specific situations, perhaps Nagaya Printing's invention could come in handy as a name badge of sorts. 

From Disney's character-based face masks to this bizarre face mask design for glasses wearers, there's no shortage of fun and inventive designs out there – and no reason why your mask needs to look like everybody else's. But if you're feeling truly creative, our guide to how to make a face mask has you covered. 

  • (opens in new tab) – a wide range of face masks from just £3.99
  • Buff (opens in new tab) – protective face coverings at low prices
  • HYPE (opens in new tab) – pack of 3 face masks for less than £25, with 100% of profits for the NHS
  • (opens in new tab) –cloth face masks at a super-low prices
  • Silkies (opens in new tab) – pack of 2 protective face masks for less than $20
  • Stringking (opens in new tab) – Cloth masks with CDC-recommendations for just $6.99
  • (opens in new tab) – patterned face masks for as a little at $4
  • Los Angeles Apparel (opens in new tab) - 3 adjustable face masks for only $30
  • Sock Cares (opens in new tab) – cool and funky face masks for only $12

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