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Calvin Klein reveals new logo design

Popular American fashion label Calvin Klein has given its iconic text-based logo design an upper case update. Created with the help of renowned British graphic designer Peter Saville, the new look logo (above) was released by Calvin Klein's new creative director Raf Simons on Instagram.

The old logo was instantly recognisable and a bit of a sex symbol considering that it was often found printed on the elasticated waistbands of Calvin Klein underwear, so the decision to drop it in favour of a purely upper-case design that subtly squishes the letters closer together is sure to divide opinions.

If the comments on Calvin Klein's Instagram page are anything to go by, it looks like fans haven't been instantly won over by the new look. Many were dismayed to say goodbye to the old logo, communicating their sorrow in a flurry of sad face, thumbs down, and flame emojis.

The old logo was in lower case with a rounder shape

The old logo was in lower case with a rounder shape

Simons defends the new Calvin Klein logo by explaining on their Instagram page that: "It's a celebration of Calvin Klein's iconic underwear and jeans; acknowledging their status as Pop and showing them in the world of art."

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