Iconic logos get an emoji makeover


While a lot of people use Instagram to post artfully filtered images of their holiday snaps, it's also a good place to find new art and unusual design work. Take logoji_, for example, an account that's giving famous logo designs an emoji makeover.

With their bold shapes and crisp design work, emojis have become the go-to symbol for quick-fire communication. Thanks to these vibrant icons it's easier to communicate feelings that are too difficult or long-winded to put into words, especially if you're working within a character limit.

Keeping this in mind, the blending of logos and emoji is a logical one. After all, one of the main purposes of a logo is to communicate a recognisable identity as fast as possible. See how logoji_ pulls off their emoji-themed logo redesign in the gallery below.

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Some of the emoji are easy to spot...
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...while some designs are more subtle than others
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You have to look closely to spot the bow emoji
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Should Taco Bell have used this instead of their new logo design?
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This logo's in it to win it
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The muscle arm emoji is perfectly suited to the Mr Muscle brand

With new emoji logos uploaded regularly, be sure to bookmark logoji_ for new designs.

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