Coca-Cola's new logo and packaging are perfectly retro

Have you ever been playing your favourite video game, browsing the internet or watching your favourite movie and wondered what those tiny little pixels on the screen taste like? Yeah, us neither, but now we've said it, you fancy a taste, right? Well, you're in luck because Coca-Cola has just announced its weirdest flavour ever, featuring some of the coolest Coke packaging we've seen.

Coca-Cola is set to launch a pixel flavoured drink called Coca-Cola Byte. The soda is part of the drink giant's 'Creations' project and is inspired by the likes of gaming and the metaverse (if you're a little confused by all this metaverse malarkey, then don't worry, just check out our guide to find out what the metaverse is). And of course, to go hand-in-hand with the game-themed soda, the traditional Coke can has had a nostalgic vaporwave makeover.

Earlier this year, the company launched Coke Starlight as its first flavour in the Creations collection, which supposedly tasted of space. Coca-Cola itself has said on its website, "The drink’s bright, upfront taste is reminiscent of powering up a game, and its refreshing finish makes for a perfect gaming companion". I'm not exactly sure what powering up a game tastes like (I'd like to have a guess and say perhaps it would taste very fresh like mint or citrus), but we'd like to try a sip. 

The drink won't be released in the US until early May. However, you can delve deep into the Coca-Cola Byte via the game, Fortnite. You can explore the custom Coke Byte island with the code 8565-0287-3178 which is jam-packed with mini-games that encourage gamers to complete challenges with other players. The custom island is intensely retro with its vaporware aesthetic and perfectly matches the new Coke's packaging, and we're loving the synergy between the two. 

The packaging for the Coca-Cola Byte drink

The packaging for Coca-Cola Byte is incredibly retro (Image credit: Coca-Cola)

I'm far from convinced that I'd like the taste of Coca-Cola Byte (can you get more dystopian flavours than space and pixels?), but I sure do like that packaging (see above). I love that retro 8-bit logo inspired by old-school video games, as well as the lilac and turquoise colour scheme. The palette is a little on the garish side, but considering its meant to be capturing the essence of a video game, we can presume it's pretty deliberate. The new cans definitely look the part and if I saw one in the shop I know I'd want to have a taste – I'm just looking forward to seeing what other weird and wonderful designs we'll see in the Creations project.

We'll have to wait and see what the new Coca-Cola Byte will taste like, but in the meantime why not check out the custom island on Fortnite? If you'd like to check the game out but haven't got a console yet, then make sure you have a look at our roundup of the best games consoles available right now. 

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