What would your favourite games console look like in its own graphics?

The renders of the Nintendo consoles
(Image credit: Electronic Hub)

We've seen plenty of games consoles fall in and out of fashion over the years, but with so many memories attached, fans still enjoy some of the earliest devices out there. Video games have advanced so much since they were first released, so what better way to reminisce about our favourite consoles than with some innovative gaming-themed graphics and gifs?

Ever wondered what consoles would look like if they rendered themselves? Us neither, but in a YouTube video posted by Electronic Hub, we get to see how all consoles from the Game & Watch to the PlayStation 5 (which if you still haven't got your hands on, then make sure you bookmark our PS5 restock guide) would look if they were made with their own graphics. The collection of renders gives an intriguing insight into how video game technology has advanced over the years, as well as triggering some serious nostalgia in us. 

The brains behind the renders is 3D artist and YouTuber Elijah Robertson, who was asked to create the designs by Electronic Hub after they saw his Tumblr post of how the Nintendo consoles would look if they rendered themselves. Robertson took on board the limited colour palettes, processing powers, and hardware of each console has to create accurate renders of each device, and we're seriously impressed by the attention to detail. 

We love these designs, especially some of the earliest ones (seriously, how cute is that 8-bit rendered Game Boy Colour?). We feel extremely nostalgic seeing all these devices and looking back at game graphics we possibly haven't seen for decades. However, even though these renders were created by an artist, we can't help but feel that the thought of these consoles becoming self-aware and creating their own portraits is slightly sinister - it's like a console-ception. 

All 24 of the game console renders

In 30 years will the graphics for the PS5 look bad? (Image credit: Electronics Hub )

We've loved reminiscing about all the consoles we played growing up (and about how much easier it was to buy a PlayStation back in the day). We're excited to see where the future of gaming takes us, but for now, we're still trying to get our hands on one of the best games consoles available at the moment. 

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