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Create beautiful digital magazines with Next FlipBook Maker Pro

PowerPoint and spreadsheets may hold information, but they don’t catch people’s attention. Make sure your next presentation grabs the eye of any audience with Next FlipBook Maker Pro for Windows, on sale now for just $39.99 (approx. £32)!

Next FlipBook Maker Pro for Windows makes it easy to turn just about any document into a visually stimulating experience. Feed it PDF files, any media from music to videos, and watch it turn into an easily customizable digital magazine that people can’t put down. It’s the perfect way to make sure your message gets across.

You can get Next FlipBook Maker Pro for Windows on sale for just $39.99 (approx. £32). That’s a savings of 86% off the retail price. You can’t pass up an offer that good, so grab this deal today!