So you're telling me this isn't the next GTA game?

A promotional image for the video game Crime Boss Rockay City
(Image credit: 505 Games)

Grand Theft Auto starring Michael Madsen, Kim Basinger and Danny Glover? Are we dreaming? But hold on, it's NOT Grand Theft Auto, it's a 90s-themed crime game that looks and feels like it but has the most bizarre cast ever. And gamers are going wild for it.

In a piece of news that stole the show at the Game Awards, an unknown games studio called 505 Games announced Crime Boss: Rockay City, a title that will feature a host of 90s stars... and Vanilla Ice. And it might just be amazing (see our pick of the best Xbox Series X games for titles you can buy today).

A multiplayer Player-versus-environment heist game, Crime Boss: Rockay City certainly has the look of GTA, but it has an insanely random 90s cast including Madsen of Reservoir Dogs fame, along with Basinger, Glover, Donnie Brasco and, well, we could maybe do without Chuck Norris.

The game sees ambitious Florida kingpin Travis Baker try to move up in underworld via “turf wars, robberies, and crazy side stories.” Players need to team up online to execute the plans. It's hard to tell how much the celebrity cast will appear in the game or what we can expect from the gameplay, but it's certainly got people's attention.

"This actually has that surprise factor of an Ultra Updated Vice City, Cyber Punk, Lethal Weapon type Style Game and I'm all here for it," one person wrote on YouTube."I ain't gonna lie; one of the few games that actually got me hyped tonight at the Game Awards," someone else wrote. 

Others hope the gameplay lives up the cast. "I love the cast choices for the characters but I hope the game play itself doesn't suffer because of the cast choices," someone wrote. We'll find out soon enough. Crime Boss: Rockay City is due to launch for PC at the Epic Games Store on March 28, with a console version due later in the year.

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