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Discover the VFX of Detective Pikachu with 3D World

Detective Pikachu 3D World

This issue, along with our usual reviews, inspiration and regular Q and A sections, we take you behind the scenes on the blockbuster Pokemon movie: Detective Pikachu. With a mix of features, interviews and training, you'll soon be on the road to mastering your own 3D projects.

We take a look inside 3D World 249 to find out what else is in store...

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Feature: Detective Pikachu

Detective Pikachu

Discover Detective Pikachu

In this feature, explore some of the tips and techniques used by the teams behind the blockbuster Pokemon movie, which we celebrate with out split run cover. Gotta catch 'em all!

Tutorial: Rig and pose a character in VR

3D World spread

Learn to rig inside VR space.

In this tutorial series, industry expert and 3D World magazine regular, Martin Nebelong, shows you how to use Masterpiece VR to rig and pose characters.

Tutorial: Kitbash on the go

3D World spread

Use your iPad to kitbash

Adam Dewhirst shows you his process for modelling 3D kitbashing components on the iPad!

Feature: Explore the VFX of American Gods

3D World spread

Behind the scenes on American Gods

We delve into the dark to bring you insights on the making of the second series of the hit Amazon show American Gods.

Training: Q and A

3D World spread

Your CG questions answered

Our regular panel is back to answer your CG questions and help you break through your 3D woes.

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