Disney characters' homes as Tiny Houses are surprisingly fascinating

Sometimes it seems as if there must be nothing left to say about Disney characters. The internet is awash with Disney quizzes and memes, (we're looking at you, BuzzFeed) and it feels like every aspect of the characters have been analysed from all angles. 

But just when you think you've seen it all, consider this. What would Disney characters' homes look like if they were part of the Tiny House movement? We'll admit, it's not a question that's been keeping us up at night.

As you probably know, Tiny Houses are all about saving space and reducing waste, which isn't really something we'd associate with Disney characters – a lot of them live in castles. And fictional castles at that. But ignoring that, imagining that characters such as Elsa from Frozen, Toy Story's Woody and Belle from Beauty and the Beast have jacked it all in to settle for a small home in the woods is sort of comforting. Who are we to assume that Disney characters aren't worried about global warming?

Any disconnect you feel when looking at these renders just goes to show how successful the original films' character design is (check out Disney's 12 principles of animation to find out more about how the studio does it). For us, transporting these worlds into real life instantly makes them lose their sense of – yes, we're going to say it – magic. That said, we wouldn't mind a weekend away (especially at Woody's place) if these dream designs did really did come true.

01. Elsa from Frozen

Disney characters' homes reimagined as Tiny Houses

We like the frosted-looking glass (Image credit: Angi)

In Frozen, Elsa leaves her family home of Arendelle Castle to go and live in a new ice palace of her own creation. This ice palace has features such as an ice staircase (sounds slippy) and a chandelier in the shape of a snowflake. 

In this Tiny House dreamland, Elsa has a gingerbread-like home in a snowy setting. Inside, it doesn't look like anything is made of ice, but there is a blue kitchen and a light fitting that looks like it could be based on a snowflake. Overall, it's really rather nice, and we certainly wouldn't mind spending a weekend there. But a few more royal touches wouldn't have gone a miss. Maybe a chandelier or two, or a crystal Olaf ornament perhaps?

Disney characters' homes reimagined as Tiny Houses

Hot chocolate, anyone? (Image credit: HomeMyDesign)

02. Woody from Toy Story

Disney characters' homes reimagined as Tiny Houses

Howdy (Image credit: Angi)

Woody from Toy Story doesn't have a home to call his own, exactly. He starts off living very happily at Andy's house, before going on several adventures. But this imagining of his Tiny House reminds us that Woody is above all, a cowboy. He probably would have a wood burning stove and a leather chair. And a hat stand, of course.

While we love the Wild West chic of this home, it's not something we would have immediately associated with the character before now. We were expecting to see a classic saloon-style sheriff's station with a chair outside and water trough for Bullseye. But maybe Woody and his trusty stead wouldn't prefer this more sophisticated lifestyle. 

Disney characters' homes reimagined as Tiny Houses

There may well be snakes lurking in this grass (Image credit: Olson Kundig)

03. Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Disney characters' homes reimagined as Tiny Houses

We wouldn't mind being a guest here (Image credit: Angi)

Belle from Beauty and the Beast's Tiny House has a French cottage feel, and is also beautifully light and airy. There are a lot of books dotted around, naturally. Although it does look like Belle could do with some improved storage solutions as several of them are just piled on the floor.

The outside of her home (which is no way corresponds to the inside, where are those big windows?) is also in a fairytale style. It looks like a little turret of a castle. Or else a place where Rapunzel might also be lurking.

Disney characters' homes reimagined as Tiny Houses

Ooh la la  (Image credit: HermitCrabStock)

04. Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Disney characters' homes reimagined as Tiny Houses

Here's one tiny home we'll be avoiding (Image credit: Angi)

Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas lives in a spindly looking house with an eyeball door knob. His tiny house would be the same, just smaller. But here, we can see a glimpse of the inside. It's pretty dingy in there, and it's a Christmas/Halloween mish-mash in terms of decoration, which would no doubt have been right up the Pumpkin King's street. 

A little bed for his loyal ghost dog would have been a nice touch, as would a framed picture of the film's iconic moon poster on the wall. As much as we love Jack, his tiny house isn't one we'd want to visit any time soon. 

To see more tiny houses belonging to Disney characters, visit Angi. You might also enjoy these real-life renders of what animated characters' bedrooms would look like. Or this real-life lightsaber, yes, you read that right.

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