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Download files for 3D World 215

To download the accompanying files for 3D World issue 212, simply click the link below each article and a zip file will automatically download the content to your Mac or PC. If you've missed this issue or other editions of 3D World, order a copy

If you have any problems downloading this content, please email:

Free! PluralSight Maya rigging course

We’ve partnered with leading online training website PluralSight to offer an in-depth video course on rigging. In this tutorial, Rigging Human IK Characters for Mocap in Maya and MotionBuilder 2016, you will be using both Maya and MotionBuilder 2016 to rig a human character using HumanIK controls. 

After discovering how to complete the initial rigging, you will learn how to apply motion-capture data, and you’ll also learn how to begin testing and refining the character’s rigging and weight mapping. After viewing this course, you will have a solid understanding of rigging using Autodesk HumanIK controls, and you will be able to apply motion-capture data easily to your own rigged characters.

  • Download your files here (32.4MB)
  • Download video package 1 here (55.4MB)
  • Download video package 2 here (96.3MB)
  • Download video package 3 here (204.8MB)
  • Download video package 4 here (70.7MB)
  • Download video package 5 here (87.8MB)

Artist Showcase: Various

Download extra images, art and step-by-step tutorials for this issue's reader showcase projects.

  • Download your files here (26.2MB)

Feature: Stylised CG: The Journey

Emilie Stabell shares how she turned a 2D illustration into a 3D masterpiece. Download Emilie’s process art to get closer to her project.

  • Download your files here (80.8MB)

Tutorial: Model a concept creature

Tyler Smith reveals how to take your creature concepts to the next level using ZBrush and Quixel. Download Tyler’s video walkthrough and step-by-step images to follow his tutorial.

  • Download your files here (32.1MB)
  • Download your video here (337.6MB)

Tutorial: Create a watery landscape

Varomix demonstrates how to utilise rendering software Clarisse to produce incredible scenes with ease. Download his entire video walkthrough process and the project files to replicate the scene.

  • Download your files here (330.2MB)
  • Download your video here (1.1GB)

Tutorial: Making a splash in RealFlow

VFX industry veteran Rob Redman shows you how to harness the Crown Daemon for liquid splashes. Download Rob’s video walkthrough to replicate his process.

  • Download your files here (12MB)
  • Download your video here (118.8MB)

Tutorial: Discover a new V-Ray workflow

Michael Nowak explains how to create a stunning sci-fi scene using the new tools of V-Ray, including VrayTriplanarTex. Download Michael’s step-by-step images to follow his render settings.

  • Download your files here (7.3MB)

Tutorial: Simulate pouring water in RealFlow

Vikrant J Dalal explains how to create a realistic pouring water effect using 3ds Max and RealFlow. Download Vikrant’s video walkthrough and scene files for 3ds Max and RealFlow, to follow his training.

  • Download your files here (17.8MB)
  • Download your video here (63.6MB)

Tutorial: Using tiles to texture a scene

Guilherme Henrique demonstrates his workflow for effective texturing in Blender. Download Guilherme’s step-by-step images to follow his workflow.

  • Download your files here (1.1GB)

Tutorial: Improve your anatomy modelling

Sharpen your skills with expert advice from Matt Briggs. Download Matt’s step-by-step screens to follow his menu settings.

  • Download your files here (145.8MB)

Artist Q&A

This month our team of artists explains how to speed up your texture process in Substance Painter, sculpt hair in ZBrush and render glass materials in Blender. Download the video tips, files and models to follow these tutorials.

  • Download your files and video here (468.8MB)
Ian Dean

Ian Dean is Digital Arts Editor on Creative Bloq and the Editor of ImagineFX magazine. With over 25 years' experience in both print and online journalism, Ian has worked on many leading video game and digital art brands, including Official PlayStation Magazine, 3D World and GamesRadar. With a passion for video games and art, Ian combines his interests to run ImagineFX, the world's leading digital art magazine for fantasy, sci-fi, video game, film, and animation artists. In his spare time he doodles in Corel Painter, teaches himself ZBrush, and plays PS5.