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Pop culture creatures become scientific drawings (and we want them all)

Unnatural History
(Image credit: Chet Phillips)

We've seen all sorts of fantastic creative projects during lockdown, and this series by a Texas-based illustrator is a whimsical delight. 'Unnatural History' takes several fictional creatures from the worlds of film and TV, and transforms them into vintage-style biological studies.

From Stranger Things' Demogorgon to everyone's new favourite alien, Baby Yoda, the collection by Chet Phillips features over 20 creatures, complete with latin names and descriptions. As with all of Phillips' work, the series was illustrated using Corel Painter (one of many great photoshop alternatives). 

Baby Yoda

Baby (we mean Puer Versionem) Yoda (Image credit: Chet Phillips)

The illustrations are all available to buy via Phillips' Etsy page, either individually or as a beautifully presented box of 10 (including one original sketch). The reviews on Phillips' page are filled praise: "I Love Chet's work," one says. "It allows me to show my love for pop culture in a totally unique way."

Stranger Things

Straight from the upside-down (Image credit: Chet Phillips)

We love the authentic vintage style of Phillips' illustrations, and can't help wanting them all – it doesn't help our wallets that they look so great as a full set (below). The project is a delightful tribute to fantasy and imagination, not to mention a welcome distraction from these strange times. 


We want them all.  (Image credit: Chet Phillips)

It's a testament to Phillips' skills that these wildly disparate creatures now look like they could all belong to the same (very strange) universe. If a brand new creature is ready to spawn from your own imagination, head straight over to our list of essential character design tips. 

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