Lego's comical guide to working from home will brighten your day

Known for its problem-solving approach, Lego has tackled one of the most universal problems facing workers at the moment by creating a tongue-in-cheek guide to working from home. The step-by-step picture guide will teach you exactly how to handle the unique challenges of WFH, and how to "be awesome" at it.

Recreating the on-point vibe of an office (remember those?) within the comfort of your home involves remembering to get dressed, sitting properly at your desk (no dining chairs allowed – see our best office chairs if you're struggling with this), personalising your desk and then remaining on task at all times. It's a lot to take on, but following Lego's guide should see you right. 

If all this Lego talk has whet your appetite, you can head over to our best Lego City sets guide. But first, let's take a closer look at Lego's WFH instructions...

Lego step 1

Dress appropriately (Image credit: LEGO)

The first step is to dress appropriately. 'Appropriate' in this case, is to take on the strategy of newsreaders everywhere (we assume). Your top half is all that matters here. As long as you don't stand up during your video call, you can follow the Minifigure's lead as he models a business-ready top half and more-than-casual-Friday lower body attire.

Lego 2

Follow proper ergonomics (Image credit: LEGO)

Next, get your build on and recreate the ergonomics of your office set-up. Lego has created a stable structure to rest a laptop on, and we're sure those Lego books fit together more solidly than our wobbly tower would. And if the tower of books won't cut it, here's our pick of the best desks around right now.

Lego 3

Personalise (Image credit: LEGO)

Now it's time to soften things up with some personal touches. Lego's idea of personalising your desk seems to involve adding a looming picture of your boss on your left (it might help to keep you on track), and an interloper visitor on your desk (pretty accurate in our case).

Lego 4

Start working (Image credit: LEGO)

And finally, to work. Which may be easier said than done, of course. As Lego suggests, that picture of your boss is totally expendable when the inevitable procrastination begins. And how is your cat meant to resist that mouse, anyway?

So, if you're not totally happy with your WFH set up, perhaps Lego has given you the tools to get it right – heart patterned underwear and all. We certainly send our thanks to Lego for making light of a tricky work/life situation. 

Getting creative with a WFH set up is widespread during lockdown, as we saw with this ultimate work from home set up that divided opinion recently. And it isn't only work-from-homers that are unleashing design creativity in the time of COVID-19. This optician now has a perspex screen in the shape of a pair of glasses to shield its reception staff, which has taken the internet by storm. 

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