Is this the ultimate working from home setup (or the stuff of nightmares)?

If, like countless others, you've found yourself working from home lately, you'll know the importance of getting your workstation right. From the best office chair to the best desk, finding the right kit is essential for your productivity and comfort.

One Apple fanatic has shared photos of his own setup, which has been years in the making. It includes a 43-inch TV (as well as a secondary monitor), Apple's HomePod speaker, various wireless chargers for iPhones and AirPods, and a rather creative neon lighting display. And the whole setup is powered by the tiny Mac Mini – proving that a little can go a long way. Take a look at the full setup below.

Mac setup

(Image credit: Zach Hicks)

The setup belongs to medical student Zach Hicks, who shared it with Cult of Mac. Our favourite aspect of it? No wires. Not a single cable can be seen in Hicks' setup, thanks to some seriously impressive cable management – presumably on the underside of the desk. The real estate afforded of the two screens and the clutter-free desk itself no doubt allows for some serious, distraction-free productivity. If you're after a sweet screen setup like Hicks, check out our best monitors for Mac.

That said, someone needs to tell Hicks to tone down those lights. The green-and-pink neon effect would leave us feeling like we're catching up on emails inside a nightclub. Whether that sounds like a dream or a nightmare is up to you. Thankfully, they're Phillips Hue lamps – so something more tasteful is just a few iPhone taps away. 

Plus, if it's a un-cluttered aesthetic Hicks is going for, we're not sure about the empty Apple boxes adorning the shelves. He calls them a visual reminder of his journey to build this dream setup, but if our own workstation was constantly reminding us how great our workstation was, we're not sure we'd get any work done.

Mac setup

We'd love to know what's in those plastic boxes (Image credit: Zach Hicks)

Still, we've no doubt that, in time, the empty packing will be replaced with certificates and awards from Hicks' distinguished medical career. Aside from the boxes and lamps, we're looking at a pretty impressive setup. If you're inspired to fix up your own workstation, our guide to working from home has you covered. 

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