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This optician's coronavirus safety screen has to be seen to be believed

There are various sights we're all getting used to as part of the 'new normal', from face masks to two metre markings all over shop floors. Speaking of shops, another common feature is protective screens in front of counters. These are usually a simple sheet of perspex, but as one Redditor has shown, safety doesn't have to look dull.

Created for his wife's opticians office in Washington, Alan Brendon's design (below) is based on, you guessed it, a pair of glasses. Hanging neatly above the shop counter, the oversized specs offer protection for two cashiers (one per lens). It's one of the most creative solutions to safety we've seen (check out our guide to where to buy a face mask for more stylish protection).

“Safety glasses” that I made for my wife’s Optometry office. from r/DesignPorn

Needless to say, the 'safety glasses' have proved a huge hit on Reddit. "Awesome design and great execution!" one commenter exclaimed. Others were quick to ask the important questions: "Do customers look all blurry if your wife comes out from behind them?"

The creator has been generous enough to explain the process of making the specs. "After measuring the front desk carefully I created it in Illustrator and sent the lenses and temple detail to a local sign maker to custom cut. I cut the rest of the frame from a piece of half-inch plywood, glued it up and spray painted it black. We wanted to bring a little bit of fun to this very not fun situation." He's even shared the Illustrator file for anyone who wants it. Better get that Creative Cloud plan sorted, then.

If you fancy putting your own creative stamp on the world right now but don't happen to own an opticians' office, don't despair – you can always learn how to make a face mask. And if you want to indulge in the inspiring creativity of others during these strange times, check out the best free resources for creatives stuck at home

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