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What font style are you? Find out with this Instagram filter

Instagram font game
(Image credit: Monotype on Instagram)

If you've found yourself scrolling mindlessly through Instagram more than normal lately, you're not alone. While you're on the platform, you may as well have a go at playing 'What font style are you?', Monotype's Instagram filter game. It only takes a minute or so and provides some light-hearted diversion.

It works a little like the sorting hat in Harry Potter, in that there are only so many possible outcomes, and that the sorter is placed on your head – albeit virtually. The sorter then whizzes through a list of fonts until it lands on the one that it deems right for you. We tried it twice and we got Stencil, and then Global. We're pretty happy with that.

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How do you get this Instagram filter to give it a go for yourself? You'll need to be on mobile first of all. The easiest way is to go to Monotype's Instagram page. There, click on the filters button, which is a smiley face (we didn't know that either). 

You'll get a video of the game in action; click 'Try it' and give it a go yourself. Make sure you hold down the button to record and don't just take a photo, as that won't work. 

Instagram what font are you

Click on the smiley face tab to see the filter in action (Image credit: Monotype on Instagram)

Monotype's filter is similar to another one doing the rounds, 'What font are you?'. The filter can be accessed from Elliotisacoolguy's page and works in exactly the same way. 

Some people, however, have not been too pleased with their chosen font:

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We think a one-off Comic Sans isn't too much to worry about, but if you get it across both games, you may need to do a little soul searching, or perhaps check out our list of free fonts for some more typography inspiration. 

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