It's official – we've found the worst movie VFX ever

A shot of a man looking shocked at a bad VFX dragon with the Dungeons and Dragons logo in the corner
(Image credit: Future/New Line Cinema)

Monster slaying. Epic adventures. Action-packed scenes. The world of Dungeons and Dragons has it all, and has seen its fair share of adaptions over the years. From the original tabletop game all the way up to the recent 2023 release of the Dungeons and Dragons movie, fans of this legendary roleplaying adventure are certainly spoilt for choice.

But not every adaptation is hit, and this hilarious scene from the 2000 movie adaption is truly an (awful) site to behold – in fact, we can't help but be reminded of these appalling CGI fails in movies. 

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Okay, maybe we're being harsh. The clip, shared by Twitter user Scott Gairdner, is actually a deleted scene from the original DVD of the 2000 movie adaption – so it's definitely not a polished shot that would've made it to theatres. But we'd be lying if we said the hilariously bad pre-cgi shots didn't amuse us, and now we kind of want a full cut of the movie before the after effects.

A shot of a man in a leather fantasy outfit reaching up to touch a blue screen

(Image credit: New Line Cinema)

The clip shows an adventurer stumbling across a dragon egg as it hatches – we don't actually see the egg crack but those old crunchy sound effects tell us everything. The shot then cuts to an empty environment where this legendary creature should have been as the adventurer reaches out to touch it. But sadly, there is no dragon – just a blue screen and an epic soundtrack that feels very out of place for what's happening. Finally, we get a glimpse of the fabled beast – and it's just as epic as you would expect from a deleted scene on a 2000 DVD. We (sadly) don't see the dragon's face, but we see that chunky build and those stiff wings that are reminiscent of a cheap action figure. It's truly a sight to behold.

A shot of a bad CGI dragon flying up into the sky through some cliffs

(Image credit: New Line Cinema)

Twitter users have been expressing their joy at this baffling CGI too. "I’ve seen plenty of deleted scenes that have unfinished VFX, but this is something else" one comments. Another states "Showing the dragon pre-viz right at the end was somehow worse than not showing the dragon at all" – and I can't help but share both their sentiments. But the very spirit of Dungeons and Dragons is letting your imagination do most of the work, so maybe this is a perfect scene after all. But if you're wanting to make your own VFX and models, why not check out our guide to the best laptops for 3D modelling (and maybe read up on these brilliant Blender tutorials for good measure).

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