Futura font gets a modern makeover (and you won’t believe how good it looks)

Futura Now
(Image credit: Monotype)

Futura has long been one of the most-loved fonts in the design world. But, as you'll know if you've tried to use it digitally, it's somewhat of a struggle to do it effectively. Its problematic spacing and every-so-slightly odd range of weights mean that the only typeface to live on the moon is not adapting well to modern applications. 

Enter: Futura Now. An adaptation of the vintage Futura, which was introduced back in 1927 when Bauhaus was the only trend to follow, it's succeeded in making the font accessible and useable again. It's so good, it rivals those on our list of the best web fonts.

Futura Now has an impressive 102 styles, as well as five variable fonts, which aim to bring renewed vigour to the typeface family, with a reduced digital footprint and vastly shorter web loading times (hurrah). There are eight additional subfamilies, including Text and Headline (all beautifully spaced), and new weights and styles for Script and Display. You'll be able to use new decorative variants, too – Outlines, Inlines, Shadows and Stencil. 

Support for 89 languages means the typeface can be used globally, and the whole set is available in industry-standard Open-Type fonts. Futura Now has the honour of also the first Futura to be available in the Variable font format. 

Futura now

"The most Futura ever" (Image credit: Monotype)

"Futura Now will inspire creatives to explore new uses for one of their favourite designs – perhaps one of the first typefaces they ever learned about," says Steve Matteson, Monotype's creative type director. "This family demonstrates how even timeless designs can benefit from contemporary refinement without disrupting the nature of the original."

Futura now

It offers a a whole new set of tools for designers (Image credit: Monotype)

And Mark Davis, independent type consultant and art director at Tronvig, thinks Futura Now will offer a whole new set of tools for designers who want to "bolster their typographic playbook".

"For digital environments, logotypes, and brand identities that want to imbue the timeless elegance of the bauhaus and deco styles, " he says, "this collection of typefaces maintains the legacy of one of my favourite typefaces while giving it a well-deserved revival."

Futura Now

It works beautifully across a range of digital applications (Image credit: Monotype)

We're delighted to see a digital-first version of this iconic font, which Monotype has dubbed 'The most Futura ever', and we can imagine its use across a range of design projects that call for a timeless, classic yet future-forward vibe. Monotype has scored again with another successful digital transformation for a well-loved font (remember the fantastic job done with Helvetica?).

You can license Futura Now through myfonts.com, and it's currently on sale with a massive 75 per cent off. Or, you can use Futura Now Script Regular and Futura Now Headline Bold for free until 19 November 2020. Don't mind if we do.

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