Nintendo's reboot of Game & Watch divides Twitter

Game & Watch
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Nintendo fans around in the 1980s will remember the gaming giant's original handheld console, the Game & Watch. If you weren't tuned in (or not of gaming age), the clue is literally in the name – it was a game, and a watch. Or a clock, really. The LCD screen showed the time but also played a single game, with the range including Nintendo headliners Donkey Kong and, of course, Mario Bros. 

Interested? Well, you're in luck because Nintendo has just announced the return of the Game & Watch to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the sub brand. But this time, with a full colour LCD. It's fair to say people are ridiculously over-excited and beyond unimpressed in almost equal measures.

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Design-wise, the console stays remarkably true to the original versions, but with a red trim and red buttons (plus, it's a lot shinier). The logo is the same, and placed in exactly the same way, which in itself is pretty evocative (you wouldn't mess with the best logos either, would you?).

It comes with a bumper game haul, with the new one though offering three games – all starring Mario himself. You'll get Mario Bros 1, 2 and an updated version of a Game & Watch classic: Ball, but this one stars Mario rather than Mr Game & Watch (we wonder where he's got to).

Fans on Twitter can't contain their excitement.

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Others are underwhelmed, citing the expense and limitations of the device. Those questioning the value for money or suggesting alternate ways of getting the same gaming experience have been quickly shot down, with loyal Nintendo fans reminding them of the collector's appeal of the retro design.

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Also shot down was any unfavourable comparison to Sony and Microsoft's console output.

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But would a new Game Boy be received even better? Some certainly think so. 

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Nintendo will release a limited number of the Game & Watch consoles on November 13th (find out how to pre order here). For £44.99/$49.99 it isn't exactly cheap, but it has tonnes of novelty value and, as has been suggested, it's a cool collector's item. 

If you're into travelling back in time with your gaming experiences, head over to our pick of the best retro gaming consoles, or you can even apply a retro vibe to your iPhone apps with this fun app. There's so many options that before long you'll be living firmly in the past – digitally at least.

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