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Colour is a powerful tool in a designer’s arsenal, but unless you’re careful, your colour choices can come down to a boardroom debate fuelled by a client’s personal preference.

Fortunately, colour psychology is a complex, nuanced field that, applied properly, should render said preferences irrelevant. The cover story in Computer Arts issue 266 explores what this means in practice, complete with pro insights from some of the world’s leading colour experts.

Leading colour experts reveal how to get more from colour psychology

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This piece forms part of a series of in-depth articles dedicated to the craft of branding from varied perspectives, to mark the fast-approaching deadline of CA's fourth-annual Brand Impact Awards

Elsewhere this issue, for instance, Reed Words founder Mike Reed – who has worked on the copywriting for several BIA-winning projects – explores the fast-growing importance of ‘brand voice’ in design.

Reed Words reveals the secrets behind the fast-growing field of 'brand voice'

Meanwhile, joining the Brand Impact Awards judging panel this year is Studio Sutherl&’s Jim Sutherland, who discusses why wit helps achieve impact in branding in the opinion section of CA issue 266.

BIA judge Jim Sutherland argues the case for wit in branding

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