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Get these essential design ebooks for a dollar

Humble design book bundle

If you're working in design, it's vital that you never stop learning; it's tempting to think that you might know it all, or at least enough, but if you want your work to stay fresh then you owe it to yourself to keep on expanding your design knowledge. Learning doesn't generally come free, though; you can stock up on free ebooks, but if you're really keen to boost your design wisdom then you're going to have to spend some money on graphic design books.

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Humble design book bundle: $1

Would you buy that for a dollar? Of course you would

However, right now there's an offer available that you'd be a fool to pass up. Humble Bundle is best known for putting together bundles of video games at amazingly low prices to raise money for worthy causes, but right now it's offering a stack of design and product management ebooks from O'Reilly, and it's the perfect opportunity to expand your design library for not very much money and feel really good about it.

For just $1 you can get your hands on five great ebooks: 

  • Prototype to Product by Alan Cohen
  • Designing with Sound by Amber Case and Aaron Day
  • Designing Products People Love by Scott Hurff
  • Understanding Industrial Design by Simon King and Kuen Chang
  • Articulating Design Decisions by Tom Greever

It's a great selection for anyone looking to grow their design knowledge; but wait, there's more!

Humble design book bundle: $8

We totally want to read Tragic Design

If you're willing to shell out $8 or more, you'll get another five ebooks, covering topics such as design sprints and emotionally intelligent design, and also including what has to be our favourite book title of the year: Tragic Design, all about how poorly designed products can anger, sadden, exclude, and even kill people who use them.

And hey, if you're happy to spend eight dollars on 10 books, it's not much more of a stretch to splash a whole $15 (or more if you prefer) for the full set of 15 books so that you can learn about product management as well as designing with data and how to design bots and voice user interfaces.

Humble design book bundle: $15

Seriously, it's worth it for those bonkers animal-based O'Reilly covers; the rest is a bonus

As deals go, this is pretty damn sweet – if you bought these ebooks separately they'd set you back up to $458. The ebooks are available in PDF, MOBI and ePub formats so you'll be able to read them on pretty much anything, and it's all being done in the name of raising money for Code For America, which aims to create government services that are simple, effective, and easy to use, for everyone.

This incredible deal's due to run for the next 13 days, so get in there now and sort yourself out for reading matter over the Christmas holidays.

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