Jackson Pollock? No, this art was made by a car

A GMC truck drives through mud with an art canvas attached to its front grille
(Image credit: GMC / Leo Burnett Canada)

Forget about AI image generators; human artists now face more serious machine competition. From a truck. General Motors' GMC has set out to show that it's latest "overland-ready adventure truck", the Canyon AT4X isn't just a hulking metal beast with solid off-road prowess. It also has a sensitive side, capable or producing inspiring gallery-worthy works of abstract 'mudern art'.

GMC has created a collection of canvases splashed, sprayed and splattered Jackson Pollock style by the truck itself as it was driven around in mud. And the whole process was captured in video.

The project led to the creation of three pieces of artwork, each made in a different way. One was propped on an easel and sprayed by mud from the side, one was dragged behind the truck, and the final canvas was attached to the vehicle's front grille before it set off careering around the rugged terrain. 

The pieces have been named Earth is a Journey, A Dance of Dirt and Drive and Tired. Prints can be downloaded from gmccanada.ca, and the originals will be put on display at General Motors headquarters.

GMC artwork created by mud sprayed by a GMC truck

The GMC Canyon AT4X's artistic expressions (Image credit: GMC Canada)

According to the creative team at Leo Burnett Canada, each canvas demonstrates the capabilities of the Canyon AT4X with its 33-inch MT tires, Multimatic DSSV dampers, front and rear e-lockers, underbody skid plates and exclusive Baja drive mode.

“The juxtaposition of art world and off-road is such a fun place to play in,” Steve Persico, Co-chief commercial officer said “It leans into that awesome footage of the truck doing what it does best, and then it gives it something to do that you never thought about it doing. At the expense of sounding too artsy here, we love the idea of making the subject the artist. And one of the things we love most is how great the work looks up on the wall. It’s actually, amazingly, art.”

Matt MacFarlane, national marketing communications manager for Buick GMC, said he was surprised at how well the canvases turned out. "Everyone who sees each canvas can’t believe how we made them," he said. "One of the most enjoyable aspects is witnessing people closely inspect and interpret them, as they would any of other form of art. Art tells a story. These pieces tell a story of the Canyon AT4X. And that’s what makes campaign work so well."

It's not the first time a vehicle has been credited with creating art. The KLF attempted to distance themselves from their chart-topping novelty hit Doctorin' the TARDIS by claiming it had been written by their 1968 Ford Galaxie American police car, but this is the first time that I've seen visual art created by a car. The team at Leo Burnett are claiming to have invented a whole new genre. For more unusual approaches to creating art, see our pick of some of the weirdest food art.

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