Google Maps changed its colours (but you probably didn’t notice)

Screenshot of London via Google Maps
(Image credit: Screenshot via Google Maps)

The internet is once again upset, and this time it's about maps. Google Maps in fact, as the app has recently updated its colour scheme to a lighter and brighter hue, much to the dismay of passionate users who are threatening to migrate to the directional hellscape of Apple Maps.

If you can cast your mind back to the old colour scheme, it's a subtle but confusing difference, replacing the perfectly functional colourway with a new, less visible alternative. (To avoid a similar colour-related scandal, check out our jargon-free guide to colour theory).

Screenshot of various cities via Google Maps

(Image credit: Screenshot via Google Maps)

So let's dissect the drama – what's new in the world of Google Maps? Roads have become a dreary grey (in place of a crisp, clinical white). The directions bar and forest areas are now a darker green and bodies of water have been replaced with a significantly lighter blue. Now you know, you won't be able to unsee it – you're welcome.

I'm always down for a little change and as long as I can still get to my desired location I'm not too disturbed by the change, but that's not the collective opinion of the internet (obviously). One X user called the update "horrible" and "barely readable," while another scathingly said it was "cartographically disappointing."  

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By now I think most of us are well versed in internet outrage. I don't see Google taking any steps towards responding to the haters and most likely they'll get used to it in a few weeks, but hey, it's always fun to see what gets the internet riled up. 

For more news that recently ruffled some feathers, check out the latest GTA 6 rumour that's got fans a little concerned, or take a look at Marvel's Madame Web trailer that got a passionate roasting online. 

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