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Google's celebrates Suez Canal liberation with hilarious Easter egg

Google Suez canal
(Image credit: Planet Labs Inc.)

Google often responds to world events by adding entertaining Easter eggs into its search page. And the most recent one celebrates the liberation of the Suez Canal, now that the massive ship has been freed after blocking the passageway for the better part of a week. Hurrah, indeed.

To enjoy this bit of web design magic, simply type 'Suez Canal' or 'Ever Given' (the name of the ship) into Google, and see a row of delightfully happy ships chugging freely along the screen. To create your own celebratory animations, see our animation tools roundup. And if this whets your appetite for more Easter egg fun, head over to our pick of super-fun Google Easter eggs. (Warning: You could lose a significant portion of time.)

Google Suez

Simply type 'Suez Canal' or 'Ever Given' into Google (Image credit: Google)

Given 12 per cent of the world's trade passes through the Suez Canal, it's no wonder that someone at Google felt the freeing of the ship a worthy cause for its own Easter egg. Google employees themselves are often the ones who choose what subjects qualify for animations so they can pop up all over the place, with previous eggs and hidden search games based on books, TV, film and cultural celebrations.

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