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Transforming Harry Potter face mask is truly magical

Harry Potter face mask
(Image credit: Stephanie Hook)

Face masks are becoming a much more familiar sight as part of the 'new normal', as certain lockdown restrictions begin to ease across the world. Masks are in short supply (you can still find stock in our where to buy a face mask guide), so many have taken to creating their own. That's exactly what Colarado-based artist Stephanie Hook has done – although her invention is a little more magical than most.

In a video posted to her TikTok page, Hook appears to be wearing a simple, black face mask – until it slowly transforms into a rich illustration of the Marauder's Map from the Harry Potter franchise. Fans will know that this secret map of Hogwarts is activated with the words: "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good". But activating Hook's map is even easier – you simply have to breathe. 

Hook's first video has so far gained over 400,000 likes, leading her to put the masks (available in adult or child sizes) up for sale via her web shop. Although currently sold out, more stock will arrive at 5pm MT on 29 May. If you can't wait until then, there are plenty of fun and stylish options available below.

  • – handmade face masks from just £3.99
  • Buff – stylish face coverings at low prices
  • HYPE – get three face masks for £24.99 with 100% of profits for the NHS
  • – washable face masks at a bargain price
  • Disney – Exclusive sets of your favourite Disney characters. $19.99 for four
  • Vistaprint: Kids and adults face masks for $18/$13
  • – patterned face masks for as a little at $4
  • Los Angeles Apparel - 3 adjustable face masks for only $30
  • Sock Fancy – funky face masks for only $12

"I try to bring imagination to life in the creation of my products," Hook told Insider, "ensuring that they are not one-dimensional items". It can take over 17 hours to create a single mask, although the majority of this time is spent waiting for the non-toxic, heat activated pigments to set into the fabric. We'd say it's worth the effort – this is the first transforming design we've seen, and it looks like magic to us.

Hook's masks will only be available in a "very limited quantity", but even if you don't manage to snap one up, hopefully Hook's ingenuity has inspired you to unleash some creativity of your own. If that's the case, make sure you check out our guide to how to make a face mask

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