How to change your career and work in visual effects

Have you ever been blown away by a movie or TV show’s visual effects and dreamed of creating something just as show-stopping? Well now’s your chance. Whether you’re a design, engineering, computer science, art, graphics or multimedia graduate, Escape Studios is offering you the chance to switch your career and work in the exciting world of visual effects. 

Europe’s premier digital arts academy, the Escape Studios faculty has over 13 years experience in creating world-class, studio-ready talent – and that could soon be you! Based in London, the VFX capital of Europe, Escape offers courses that reflect the demands of the industry, with postgraduate degrees in VFX arming you with all the skills, connections and showreels you need to get your dream effects job. 

Train with Escape Studios and you could soon be bringing classic stories like the Jungle Book to life. Img courtesy of MPC

Only the best 

As part of Pearson College London, Escape works directly with some of the biggest and most reputable VFX studios in the world, giving you direct access to the likes of Framestore, Dneg, The Mill, MPC, Bluebolt, Cinesite, Molinare, Milk, Peerless and Jellyfish Pictures.   

Escape Studios graduates have worked on numerous high-profile projects, including Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Star Wars images courtesy of ILM

Escape also boasts an impressive list of former students, notching up an impressive 4000+ alumni (also known as Escapees) that have worked on everything from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Ex Machina, to Spectre and Guardians of the Galaxy. And if that wasn’t enough to inspire you, take a look at this year’s student showreel...

So, whether you’re a graphic designer with a passion for CG, an illustrator with a penchant for VFX, or simply want to make a move into effects work, this is your opportunity. So what are you waiting for? Find more information and details on how to sign up here.   

The new frontiers of CG

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