Surprise iOS reveal delights users with older Apple iPhones

iOS 15
iOS 15 was announced yesterday (Image credit: Apple)

While we weren't blown away by yesterday's WWDC event, there were a few exciting gems to be found within Apple's annual presentation. From new multi-tasking tools on iPad to improved iOS notifications, there were several incremental updates announced – but perhaps the most surprising reveal was reserved for users rocking older iPhones.

The compatibility list for iOS 15 revealed that the new update, expected to arrive in September, includes the iPhone 6S and original iPhone SE, which are six and five years old respectively. Both were widely expected not to make the cut, but you're holding on to an older device before snagging one of the best camera phones, you're in luck.

An overview of iOS 15 (Image credit: Apple)

The news means that the iPhone 6S has achieved a new record, with 7 compatible major iOS updates since its release. Previously, the iPhone 5S held the record, with its 6-update streak ending with iOS 12. And users of both the 6S and SE are delighted that their so-called old phones are still going strong. 

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Of course, one looming question is how well the 6S and original SE will be able to handle the new software – you can hardly expect it to perform as smoothly as the iPhone 12, for example.

iPhone 6S and SE

iOS 15 was widely expected to drop support for the iPhone SE (left) and iPhone 6S (right) (Image credit: Apple)

And you can expect battery life to take a hit too – not only will the battery in those older devices likely be somewhat degraded, but they're smaller than those in newer, larger iPhones. You might want to check out the best powerbanks if you're planning to hold on to the 6S or SE. Or if you're ready to upgrade, check out today's best iPhone 12 deals below.

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Daniel John
Senior News Editor

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