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Hidden iPad Magic Keyboard hack could be a clincher

iPad Magic Keyboard
All you have to do is flip it over. (Image credit: @twolivesleft on Twitter)

While the prospect of a built-in trackpad, backlit keys and floating design all caught our attention when the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro was announced last month, what really turned our heads was the price. At $299 and $349 for the 11 and 12.9-inch versions respectively, the cost is, if not magic, certainly out of this world. But one Twitter user has found an unexpected use for the keyboard which could make it a more enticing proposition for digital artists.

The Magic Keyboard only began shipping last week but @TwoLivesLeft, clearly already bored with the basic laptop-style configuration, decided to flip it over onto its back. And lo and behold, he discovered (below) that the Magic Keyboard transforms into something completely different: an artists' easel. Handy for Apple Pencil-wielding creatives (check out our best iPad Pro apps for designers if that's you). 

Apple probably never intended the keyboard to be used this way, but we're all for a bit of creative improvisation. Does the extra viewing angle justify the price? Probably not. Not only does it look a little daft with the keys sticking up towards high heaven, but the angle appears pretty similar to one of the options you'd get from a Smart Folio (below) for a third of the price.

That said, if you were already planning on buying the Magic Keyboard for the typing and trackpad experience, and are also prone to a bit of digital illustration, then this little hack might make the price a little more palatable. 

iPad Smart Folio

A similar effect for a smaller price (Image credit: Apple)

If you'd prefer the real thing (ie. an easel that isn't an easel by accident), our best easels guide has options for every skill level and budget. Spoiler alert: they're all cheaper than the Magic Keyboard. And if you do fancy giving digital art a go, you can find the best iPad Pro and Apple Pencil deals below.

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