iPad Pro 22 could launch 'in days' (but we’re more excited by new iPad rumours)

iPad Pro 2022; represented by a photo of an iPad Pro 2021
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple's new iPad Pro 2022 could be with us very soon. We've known for some time that Apple has plans to launch its new M2-powered iPad Pro 2022 in October, but according to Bloomberg's Apple insider, Mark Gurman, in his latest weekly Power On newsletter, this new tablet could arrive 'in a matter of days'.

You can find everything about Apple's new tablet in our guide 'iPad Pro: from design to specs, here's what to expect' but below I dig a little deeper into the latest rumours Gurman has been reporting. The big one is the new M2 iPad Pro, which Gurman says will be "20 percent faster" than the current iPad Pro, is set to release as soon as this week, likely as a press statement with a pre-order site. 

The decision to announce this new, powerful iPad Pro in this way is down to its nature – a minimal design change and more of an internal "spec-bump" as Gurman puts it. The inclusion of the new M2 chip inside this iPad Pro will be sure to maintain Apple's position as the best tablet on the market. As an idea of what the M2 processor can deliver, read our iPad Air (5th Gen) review.

New iPad Pro 2022

iPad Pro 2022; a picture of the Apple M2 chip

The new iPad Pro 2022 will be powered by the M2 chip, and could be as much as 20 percent faster (Image credit: Apple)

While the news that the M2 iPad Pro 2022 could be with us very soon is making the headlines, I'm just as excited by rumours of a refresh to the basic iPad. According to Gurman the entry-level iPad will receive a design make-over to bring it line with the slimmer, flatter look of the iPad Pro as well as featuring a USB-C port. 

This low-end iPad usually only gets small spec updates, so a first redesign in many years is actually a bigger deal than it may first seem, particularly as money gets tight and we look for value and a renewed cheaper iPad could be more enticing over the expensive Pro model. To quote Gurman, insiders at Apple believe this base iPad will be "the most significant update to that line in several years and mark a bit of a strategy shift".

A new iPad smart hub?

A render of the Google Pixel Tablet on a stand

Is Apple about revamp iPad as a smart home device, to compete with Google Pixel Tablet? (Image credit: Google)

One interesting bit of news is the idea Apple is looking at going head-to-head with Google's new Pixel Tablet, with both tech heavyweights competing for the smart home space. Apple's HomePod is a good device but against Amazon and Google the iPad maker has stumbled. 

The suggestion by Gurman that Apple is looking at evolving the iPad into a smart hub is interesting. Google Pixel Tablet has a neatly designed stand and speaker that has been crafted to fit the tablet perfectly. It looks like Apple could be planning on bringing a similar speaker hub to iPad in 2023 to turn the tablet into a device you'll love to have on a kitchen worktop or bedside table. Or, even, perhaps a new iPad-based home hub designed as an all-in-one device.

Apple clearly views a move into smart-home devices in 2023 an important aspect of its business model, particularly as working from home isn't going away and we spend more time in our homes. Apple has HomePod and Apple TV but a device and software update that can evolve the base-level iPad into a smart hub could really enable Apple to take on Amazon and Google in the home. 

When a new iPad Pro launched you can bet the older models will see price drops. You can find the best deals on iPads in October in our tracker where we'll be updating with the best new deals on current iPads and, ideally, the new iPad Pro 2022.

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