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The best HomePod mini deals in May 2022

HomePod mini deals: five HomePod minis line up in a row
(Image credit: Apple)

If you want to pick up the best HomePod mini deals, we're pleased to tell you you're in the right place. We've created this page solely to pull in the very lowest HomePod mini prices, from various live sources, so that you don't have to. You're welcome!

The HomePod mini was released by Apple in November 2020, and has since been a super popular, great-sounding mini smart speaker. In fact, it's been so popular that Apple decided to discontinue the more expensive HomePod smart speaker (though it is still widely available to buy - because it too is awesome). 

And when we say affordable, we mean it. A good HomePod mini deal will be anything under the retail price of $99/£89, and that regularly happens. The larger, more expensive HomePod will cost you around $300/£279, so if you see any deals lower than that in the HomePod deals widget, we advise you snap it up.

Scroll on to get the best HomePod mini deals, wherever you are in the world. Want more Apple deals? Check out our page on the best Apple AirTags deals.  

HomePod mini deals: four colourful HomePod minis

(Image credit: Apple)

While the HomePod is one of the best smart speakers available - offering a better sound than the likes of Sonos - it is pretty much geared to Apple heads. So if you don't have an iPhone or MacBook, it might be an idea to look elsewhere at the best Bluetooth speakers

The HomePod mini is small and yet packs a punch when it comes to sound and features. With its S5 chip, all your songs and podcasts will sound crisp and rich – more than you'd have reason to expect from a speaker of this size. It also supports Apple Music lossless - and all for $99/£89 (or cheaper if you make the most of the HomePod mini deals above).

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