Is PIXL the new LEGO?

PIXL is an infinitely expandable system of building blocks. So far, so LEGO, right? But how about this: these little blocks can connect on any edge, so you can build just about any 3D shape you want, or even stick to 2D pixel art (more on that later). There's no fiddly clicking or lining up, either – PIXL cubes connect via auto-polarising internal magnets. No wonder this Kickstarter project has already knocked its goal right out of the park.

Auto-rotating magnets mean you can connect these blocks on any side

Auto-rotating magnets mean you can connect these blocks on any side

PIXL has been designed by The McLachlan Brothers – the minds behind another Kickstarter success story, the Fidget Cube. And there is something about this building system that fully appeals to our creative urges. PIXL cubes connect using mysterious-sounding rare-earth magnets, which self-correct so you can connect them any way you like. 

Simply take one PIXL block and place another one next to it; the two will immediately click together. From there, you can choose to line up your blocks so they're perfectly flush with each other, or add some dimension to your model by rotating or shifting the blocks to create depth.

They can be used to build complex (or simple) 2D pixel art

They can be used to build complex (or simple) 2D pixel art

You can also build flat with PIXL blocks, to create impressive 2D artwork. With four sizes and a whopping 52 different colours in the range, you've got have a pretty varied palette to work with. 

The creators have put together a companion app to provide inspiration to PIXL users. As well as sharing other designers' work, you can upload images and the app will convert them into patterns for you to follow, using the block shapes and colours in the PIXL range. So essentially you'll be able to recreate anything from your latest Instagram snap to the Mona Lisa, in tiny magnetic cubes. Cool right?

Build out pretty much any shape you want

Build out pretty much any shape you want

"We believe in playing. And we think everyone has a creative side, whether or not they’d traditionally consider themselves a 'creative person'. What we hope to do is provide the world with a tool... that unleashes that creativity," explain the MacLachlan Brothers on their Kickstarter page. "One of our favourite things about PIXL is that there are just no rules."

At time of writing, the project was 891 per cent funded, with over a month remaining on the Kickstarter. So it's safe to say these addictive little cubes will be making their way onto the market soon.

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