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Brilliant Kit-Kat poster perfectly captures the last 2 years

What happens when you combine one of the most famous chocolate advertising slogans with some of the most unprecedented times in living memory? Believe it or not, a great print ad is what you get. 

An unofficial design has been doing the rounds online, and it perfectly skewers the "new normal" of Zoom call after Zoom call after Zoom call. And while we might not be working from home quite as much as we were in 2020 and 2021, we'll never forget. Indeed, it might not be real, but we'd say this is up there with the best print ads.


3pm is Kit-Kat time (Image credit: Sam Hennig)

Created by Sam Hennig (opens in new tab) for the One Minute Briefs (opens in new tab) Twitter account, the ad is back at the top of Reddit's DesignPorn (opens in new tab) page this week. "Don't need to explain this one," the title reads – and they're right. Everyone knows the 'Have a break' slogan, and that two Kit-Kat fingers (is that what they're called) represent a break in the calendar UI. "Just by seeing the ad, I've just had their slogan playing in my head. Have a break? have a Kit-Kat. Ads are really powerful," one user comments.

Last year, the ad even attracted the attention of both Kit-Kat and Zoom, who, as brands are wont to do, decided to get in on the joke. Indeed, it could be argued that the poster works just as well as an ad for Zoom as it does for Kit-Kat.

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The only issue we take is with the idea it could take an hour to eat a Kit-Kat – ours would definitely be gone in under a minute. But then again, there's nothing in the ad that suggests one is limited to a single bar – we'll be reaching for the multipack at 3pm.

All this attention goes to show how worthwhile it is for creatives to get involved with unofficial design work, to flex their creative muscles and show off their talents to the world. Inspired to create your own design? Check out our roundup of the best graphic design tools.

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Georgia Coggan is a regular freelance contributor for Creative Bloq, who has also worked on T3 and Top Ten Reviews. With a particular interest in branding and retro design, Georgia writes about everything from logo design to creative technology, enjoys hunting down genuinely good deals and has even used her knowledge as an ex-teacher to create buying guides on products including children's books and bookcases. Tying these design interests together is an obsession with London Underground posters from the last century.