Learn to draw comic art with the new issue of ImagineFX

Learn to draw comic art
(Image credit: © HARLEY QUINN ™ and © DC.)

To help you learn to draw comic art we have a lineup of great comic artists and fresh talent for issue 205 of ImagineFX, on sale now. DC and Marvel cover artist Joshua Swaby reveals his process for painting heroes with attitude. His version of Harley Quinn makes our cover! 

Swaby's Photoshop training features interesting tips and tricks to improve your character art, with advice on posing, blending skin tones, and his unique digital art style that leaves pencil marks visible for a unique dynamic feel. If you're looking to upgrade your setup to better use Photoshop and follow Swaby's training, then take a look at our rundown of the best laptops for Photoshop.

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So, what else is in issue 205? Scroll down... 

Adi Granov's career advice

Learn to draw comic art

Marvel's Adi Granov reveals his art and advice in ImagineFX issue 205 (Image credit: Adi Granov)

Marvel’s Adi Granov, who draws Iron Man for film, video games, and comics, as well as iconic covers for the comic house, offers his career advice to becoming a better artist, and there's no one better to explain how to draw comic art. 

Inside this issue you can discover why learning from your heroes matters, how to approach collaborations, and tips for creating dynamic multiple character scenes. All this and he shares some stunning art from his career, including famous cover art for Wolverine, Spider-Man, and more.

Steve Rude interview

Learn to draw comic art

The legendary Steve Rude is interviewed this issue (Image credit: Steve Rude)

Legendary artist Steve Rude, who’s worked with everyone in the comic industry, offers insights into his approach to art, life, and his career in the latest issue of ImagineFX. The artist began his career in 1981 when he co-created the phenomenal Nexus comic, and has since gone on to paint covers and interior art for Superman, Batman, X-Men, Spider-Man… pretty much all the major characters.

With a cabinet of awards, including eight Will Eisner trophies, the Kirby Award and the Manning Award. When he sits back and reveals how he got his big break, who inspired him, and his approach to comic art it's well worth listening.

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Learn Photoshop, Painter 2022, Clip Studio Paint, and more

Learn to draw comic art

Terry Dodson shares his tips for creating great comic covers (Image credit: Terry Dodson)

Training this issue dips into all manner of comic art skills. The always fantastic David Nakayama redesigns a Golden Age hero for today’s comic generation, Terry Dodson reveals his process for creating perfect comic covers, and indie comic artist Igor Wolski details his advice for creating a detailed Tintin-like ‘ligne claire’ style comic panel. 

If you want to jump in and create a digital comic, then our core skills training for Clip Studio Paint's Webtoons tools is a must read. Learn how to setup and create a scrolling digital comic to view on mobile phones with artist Stephinni Martinez Tinoco.

Learn why Judge Dredd matters

Learn to draw comic art

(Image credit: Rebellion)

Looking to the UK, and the current crop of talented Judge Dredd artists talk about their thoughts on why Mega-City One’s iconic lawman remains a joy to draw and read. There are lessons to be learned here for anyone creating their own characters for comics or other projects.

Artists PJ Holden, Anna Morozova, Jake Lynch, and Tom Foster line up to let us know why Judge Dredd remains consistently inconsistent, and why 2000 AD is a joy to draw for. Plus, they dissect the classic character and reveal how you can adapt what works to create comic characters of your own.

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