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Did you know that learning a new language has benefits for everyone, from young to old? The Journal of Experimental Child Psychology published a study showing that, on tasks requiring their working memory, bilingual children outperformed monolingual ones. While, in the largest study so far, scientists discovered that monolingual speakers tend to develop dementia as much as five years earlier than people who speak more than one language.

There are all kinds of reasons to learn a new language. It's actually been proven to improve your memory, or even keep dementia at bay. Using an app like Babbel (one of the best language learning apps) can make it a lot easier for you.

Other studies show benefits of increased cognitive abilities, attention spans, multi-tasking skills, even developing a bigger brain! And, of course, it is also useful for preparing to travel or communicating better with friends and family. The Babbel app takes advantage of today's advanced technology to let you learn new languages more efficiently. And you can currently get the app at a whopping 60 per cent discount– bringing the price of a lifetime subscription down from $399 to $159.

How does Babbel teach you a language?

With lessons that are only 10 to 15 minutes long, you can fit them in almost any time. And the skill levels go all the way from total beginner to advanced. So if you already have skills that just need to be built upon, or you're starting from scratch, you will easily progress from one stage to the next.

Babbel's lessons focus on practical conversation. Instead of learning random vocabulary, you will become confident when speaking about business, transportation, lodging, dining, shopping, asking for directions and much more.

One of the features that makes Babbel an effective language tool is its capacity for personalisation. The speech recognition technology allows your pronunciation to be tested, so you get as close as possible to the way it's supposed to be. The review sessions, as well, are tailored to reinforce the things you need to learn so that they stick with you.

Babbel can be used offline, so you aren't limited to practicing only when you have access to the internet. You can download courses, lessons and review items beforehand and access them in offline mode. Between that and being able to sync across devices, you can pretty much study whenever and wherever it's convenient for you.

You can learn Italian, French, Spanish, German and more, for a total of 14 languages. The retail price for a lifetime subscription to all the languages is $399. But you can save $249 dollars by taking advantage of the 60% discount being offered today, and get the lifetime subscription for only $159.

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