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PlayStation Showcase 2023 live blog: the biggest PS5 game design news

The PlayStation Showcase 2023 event will reveal Sony's biggest new games for PS5 and PSVR 2. Follow along as the game reveals what happens.

PlayStation Showcase 2023 live bloq; PS5 game characters on a blue background
(Image: © SCEE / Marvel / Konami)

The PS5 and PSVR 2 hype is mounting. Tonight's PlayStation Showcase 2023 livestream was the year's biggest gaming event so far and gave us a clear idea of where Sony sees video games, game design and gaming tech in the years to come.


What can we expect later tonight from Sony? We're almost certain to get new gameplay from Marvel's Spider-Man 2. This is the PS5-only sequel to the massively successful Spidey game that released on PS4. With Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse releasing next month Sony could even tease a tie-in, but that's a stretch. What's perhaps more likely is a tease of how Insomniac's other Marvel game, Wolverine, fits into its Spider-Man universe.

PlayStation Showcase 2023; concept art from The Last of Us multiplayer

(Image credit: SCEE)

PSVR 2 developer reaction; a VR headset

(Image credit: SCEE)

There are many outlying rumours that include news on the long-running saga around the Metal Gear Solid remake, now perhaps exclusively for PS5, as well as speculation of Bloodborne 2, the new game from Days Gone developer Bend Studios and even a new Astro Bot adventure.

PlayStation Showcase 2023; a character painting from FF16

(Image credit: Square Enix)

PlayStation Showcase 2023; artwork of a man with a burning hat from the game Twisted Metal

(Image credit: SCEE)

Who remembers that Sony actually bought developer Bungie? The original Halo developer and Destiny creator was acquired by Sony for $3.6 billion last summer. Given the developer's expertise in live games and shooters, and with rumours of a large chunk of tonight's PlayStation Showcase 2023 will be devoted to Games as a Service, we could be seeing a new game from this talented team.

PlayStation Showcase 2023; a new round game controller

(Image credit: SCEE)

PlayStation Showcase 2023; a screen from VR game Half-Life Alyx

(Image credit: Valve)

A photo of Cory Barlog sat on a sofa talking to camera

(Image credit: Sony)

a shot of the three main characters from GTA 5

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

A promotional shot of Death Stranding 2

(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

A screenshot from the game Days Gone

(Image credit: Bend Studio)

PlayStation Showcase 2023; a screen from a Tomb Raider game

(Image credit: Amazon / Crystal Dynamics)

PlayStation Showcase 2023; an image of the Have Studios logo

(Image credit: SCEE)

Playstation iPhone controller

(Image credit: Sony/Apple/Future owns)

PlayStation Showcase 2023; a female game character

(Image credit: SHIFT UP Corporation)

PlayStation Showcase 2023; a robot in a burning environment

(Image credit: FromSoftware / Bandai Namco)

PlayStation Showcase 2023; a cartoon character looking at a small creature

(Image credit: Ember Lab)

PlayStation Showcase 2023; a small R logo on black

(Image credit: Rockstar / Take-Two Interactive)

PlayStation Showcase 2023; ghostbuster cartoon characters

(Image credit: nDreams)

10 minutes to go, just enough time to grab a drink before the chaos begins!

Haven Studios first game, Fairgames, looks like the most Ubisoft thing ever. By which I mean Watchdogs.

EA Originals has been doing great recently and supporting some really interesting teams and studios, the Unreal Engine 5 built Immortals of Aveum looks great. Enough old-school shooter ideas and new twists to keep it fresh.

Okay, so Phantom Blade has just leapt to the top of my most-wanted list – that armour and creature design is outstanding, the animation in the fight sequences is off the scale. Just beautiful. And just the right side of silly, "get my heart back".

The animation in Neva is sublime. Looking forward to seeing this one evolve and discovering how it plays as Gris was fantastic. 

Is this Square Enix game an NFT thing?

Snake! Now that's how you bring back legend. Looks like, as the rumours suggested its PS5 only. Wish there was more, but Konami looks to be dedicated to handling this one properly, and I'd guess Sony is involved. Bonus, we get remasters of the trilogy ahead of MGS3 remake. 

Halfway and we've had some biggies and many rumours are coming true, including Alan Wake 2! Looks great, Remedy always delivers a creative experience with a unique art style and attention to detail.

The stop-motion-paper-craft-animated loveliness of Revenant Hill! This one's on my must-play list of new games. No idea what's happening but I want to play it.

Ultros looks great, kind of reminds me of Jack Kirby and Moebius have a sketch-off. 

Dragon's Dogma 2 looks epic, and perhaps a little more focused than Final Fantasy 16?

Resident Evil 4 on PSVR 2 is going to be a system seller, this looks really impressive. RE7 and Village in VR are terrifying.

Bungie turning on the 70s and 80s sci-fi design visuals for its new game, beautiful. This studio always delivers… and its Marathon. That's turning the clock back to the dev's roots.

Rainbow star-roads and a retro logo? I'm all-in on Firewalk's new game.

Project Q is Sony's rumoured cloud gaming device, is it enough to compete? Those earbuds looks great, and I love how PS5's design notes join everything together.

Kraven too? How many villains are in Marvel's Spider-Man 2? GTA 5 hot-swapping? That's a great mechanic for this game. This is looking visually glorious too, the lighting in that basement sequence was outstanding.

There we are, some big new games, some beautiful looking indies, one amazing logo and even some new hardware. I'm logging off now but rewatch at your leisure.