This playful cat food packaging is the cutest thing you'll see today

Maowoo cat food packaging
(Image credit: DXD/Maowoo)

Cat food brand Maowoo has teamed up with design agency DXD to create a fresh brand identity that playfully nods to its feline consumers. The bold design challenges the existing market, adopting a bold cat-themed logo in place of the usual moggie mascot formula, and creating a brand identity that is both stylish and contemporary in equal measure. 

The branding, which aims to capture a younger audience, is designed to integrate into the modern home as a piece that can be displayed proudly, rather than stowed away out of sight. (If you're after more branding inspiration, check out our collection of standout packaging designs). 

Cat posing with Maowoo's cardboard cat food box

(Image credit: DXD/Maowoo)

The use of colour throughout Maowoo's branding is a nod towards the brand's playful identity, focusing on its young target demographic. Despite the use of bold colours, the design itself remains simple and sophisticated, subtly integrating its Chinese name into the logo. "We designed a unique brand image for MAOWOO®, transforming the Chinese characters '毛兀' into the face of a cat, with a mouth and whiskers," says DXD on its Behance page.

Maowoo's trendy design integrates new innovative packaging that focuses on practicality as well as style. The ethical and ergonomic cardboard carrier is optimised for a more "portable, interesting, and unique" design that fits within the modern home. The packaging features a bold striped design that mimics the pattern of a cat's fur and is streamlined throughout the individual can packaging, creating a sense of cohesion throughout the brand's identity.

Maowoo cat food boxes

(Image credit: DXD/Maowoo)

At the centre of Maowoo's brand identity is the willingness to combine "lifestyle aesthetics" with "scientific cat care", bringing a sense of style and thoughtful innovation to its products. With the help of DXD, the brand has really encapsulated its company ethos, creating a thoroughly contemporary identity that stands out among other brands by updating the market for the modern consumer. 

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