The debut MESH 3D art fair opens today

The first edition of MESH, a new annual showcase of virtual world creativity, has opened today as the main event at Metaverse Art Week 2023. With the theme ‘Low Poly, High Art', MESH Edition 1.0 features new works from 33 artists in the browser-based virtual world Decentraland.

Each participating 3D artist received a 12 x 12m virtual cube to fill with their MESH installation, with complete creative freedom with regards to how they fill the cube. The only limitation is the design specification of Decentraland, which is a low polygon virtual world (see our pick of the best 3D modelling software).

MESH Art Fair

MESH runs until 23 July (Image credit: MESH)

Organised by the metaverse art collective Vueltta, with support from Creative Bloq and our sister publication 3D World, MESH aims to spotlight immersive digital installations by top 3D, metaverse and VR creators and connect artists with galleries, studios and collectors.

Bay Backner, co-founder of Vueltta, said: “Interest in virtual reality and digital environments is at a high, but there are still few opportunities for artists to exhibit in this new media form. We produced MESH to share what’s artistically possible - and to highlight the growing culture of immersive digital experience.”

The participating artists were selected through the MESH Open Call by a panel of galleries, curators and collectors. These included Kate Vass, founder, Kate Vass Galerie in Zurich; Alex Estorick, editor-in-chief at Right Click Save; Lynn Rosenberger, co-founder and curator of The NFT Gallery in London and New York; Edward Zipco, founder of Superchief Gallery NFT in New York and Los Angeles; the collector and investor Anesti Dhima, and Belle NFTs.

The selected artists are: Stephan Duquesnoy, Hannes Hummel, Melody Owen
Linda Loh, Rebecca Rose, Mattia Cuttini, V4W.ENKO, Mellowmann, Warrragwag,
Leah Smithson, Michelle Brown, MickRenders, Dev Harlan, Nyankee, Martínez Siesta
Mango, Lejin Fan, Tripura, Dan Anthony Kelly, Alex Adkinson, CK Bubbles, Morteza, Micah Alhadeff, Luke Escobar, Hyperdavy, OgiWorlds, Krush, Cansy, Jikke Lesterhuis
Alphacoded, Low Poly Models, Fractilians, bunnybreaker. 

Their work can be experienced at MESH in Decentraland until 23 July. More information can be found at

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