I'm sorry, but the new Muppets logo is pretty underwhelming

The new Muppet logo
(Image credit: The Muppets Studio/Disney)

Who doesn't love The Muppets? From Kermit the Frog to Rowlf the piano-playing dog, the loveable puppets have been about since 1976 and have undergone some exciting logo changes in that time. But now, 11 years since the last logo update, The Muppets have a brand new look. 

The new logo (see above) is replacing the iconic green Sans Serif (you can stock up on free Sans Serif fonts with our roundup) to represent the actual Muppet characters instead of the Studio that created them. While the new logo looks significantly different to the previous design, it still sports Kermit's famous shade of green and a similar font to the one featured in the original logo released in the '70s (see below). 

The previous Muppet logo

The new logo has similarities to some of the oder Muppet designs (Image credit: The Muppets Studio/Disney)

The official Muppets shared the updated logo account on Twitter. According to The Muppets Instagram, the design is already in use, first appearing on Sam Eagle's podium at Disney World (see below). DisneyInsider has reported that the logo will appear on any merchandise and packaging relating to The Muppets. 

I have to admit, the design is pretty, well, underwhelming. It may pay homage to the character and show's roots, but I can't help but feel like it could be more exciting. The thing about The Muppets is that they're famously colourful, out-there and exciting, so why not make a logo that accurately reflects the eccentricity of the characters? If I were to redesign the logo, I would perhaps take elements of the Muppets' aesthetics to create the design – it could be an M in the style of Miss Piggy, an Animal-themed U and a Kermit-looking P (and so on).

Despite our criticisms, it looks as though Muppet fans are keen on the new design, with many Twitter users commenting on the design. One user said, "Absolutely hated the 2011 logo. It never captured the Muppet soul. This change is fantastic." Another said, "As much as I love the 2011 logo with the Kermit M, this is a lot better."

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The logo will start appearing here, there and everywhere soon enough. But in the meantime, if you want to catch up on everything Muppet-related, then we recommend signing up to Disney Plus, where you can find tonnes of Muppets content. 

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