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You know we love a good Easter egg here at Creative Bloq – and we love Nintendo. So when you put the two together, we feel like we are in for a real treat. That's why we've assembled five of our favourite Nintendo Easter eggs for you in this roundup. 

These Easter eggs make quite an, well, eclectic mix, with some being downright adorable and others being quite frankly terrifying. Either way, we're certain there are some Nintendo-themed secrets in here that'll blow your mind. And if you end up feeling inspired after this roundup to play some Nintendo, then make sure you check out our roundup of the best Nintendo Switch deals. Also, why not take a look at our buying guide to the best Nintendo Switch games available right now.

01. Pro Controller 

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We kick off our lineup with one super adorable Easter egg added by the Nintendo staff to one of the Nintendo products. A user on TikTok shared a video of herself discovering a hidden message behind the right joy stick of the Pro Switch controller

If you drag the right stick down and look inside the controller, you can see a tiny message that reads, "THX2ALLGAMEFANS!". This adorable little touch is such a nice touch and makes us Nintendo gamers feel appreciated. 

02. Mario's hat

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Mario's hat is red, right? Always has been, always will be...right? Well actually, it hasn't. Don't worry it's not some Mandala effect, it's just that Mario's hat hasn't always sported that bright red colour we recognise today – in fact it's only been a pure shade of red once. 

Yep, throughout Mario's career as a plumber-cum-superhero, he has only ever worn an #FF0000 hat in the Super Mario 64 game, all his other shades have been dark reds or pinks. I know, this one took a little bit of coming to terms with, but hey, at least Mario's not-red hat is far less frightening than what's lurking beneath Toad's hat

03. Daisy's Teeth

A close up of Daisy

Daisy is the only Super Mario character with teeth (Image credit: Nintendo)

Yep, this design Easter egg is as weird as it sounds on the tin. Mario gamers and ultra fans, @SupperMarioBroth on Twitter, recently shared the news that only one female in the Super Mario games actually has any teeth. When the fans delved deep into the 3D designs of the female Mario characters, they discovered that there weren't any pearly whites behind the characters' mouths. 

Daisy is the only character that actually has a full set of chompers in her head, probably because she is the only female character that smiles with her teeth. The Twitter account also revealed that Daisy actually has a third eye – yikes.

04. Nintendo unlock 


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I've had my Nintendo Switch for a while now and it gets a little boring when it comes to unlocking and setting up my games for a session. However, this little audible Easter egg changed the way I unlock my console – and now I love how entertaining it is.

Depending on what button you press when you unlock your Nintendo Switch, then you'll hear a handful of adorable sound bites, like clown horns, ribbeting and cymbals instead of that classic Nintendo clicking noise. But before you rush off to have a go on your own console, check out our best Nintendo Switch accessories because you never know if the pro Switch controller might have different noises from the actual console. 

05. Toads in Mario Odyssey

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Our final Easter egg is undeniably cute. This little detail was spotted in the Super Mario Odyssey game. SupperMarioBroth is again responsible for spotting this adorable Easter egg of the Toad characters and their little hats in the game. 

Part way through the game, Toads are given hats by Princess Peach after she visits the moon. The only time you can see the toads before Peach's lunar trip is through binoculars in the mushroom kingdom. And when you look over the kingdom, you can see that the Toads are hatless, as PEach hasn't returned from her moon trip yet – how cute is that?

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