Could Apple release the monitor of our dreams in 2023?

Apple gets a lot of things right, but it has a difficult relationship with monitors. They're either way too expensive for most people to buy or they sacrifice specs for a lower price tag than can still be beaten by competitors.

The 2019 Pro Display XDR is most remembered by some for the price of its stand, and this year's Studio Display failed to impress many. But the latest rumour is that Apple could release updates to both of these next year. Need a new display today? See our pick of the best 4K monitors and the best monitors for photo editing.

Apple Pro Display XDR Monitor

The Apple Pro Display XDR monitor beside the Mac Pro (Image credit: Apple)

This year saw the launch of the Apple Studio Display in March, and while it's an interesting screen for creatives, it also felt like a missed opportunity, with a lack of HDR and limited ports (see our Apple Studio Display review). Apple's other monitor option is the astronomically priced 32-inch 6K Pro Display XDR, which was launched way back in 2019 alongside the Mac Pro.

But it seems like in 2023 we might see updates of both of those devices. According to sources consulted by Bloomberg, Apple is working on “multiple new external monitors” which will feature Apple Silicon and rely less on the resources of the machine running them.

No more specifics have been provided, but the rumour is that the updated monitor will come out after the new Mac Pro because it's running behind the computer, which itself is delayed – reportedly due to hold ups in developing the M2 Ultra chip which will power it. Now the Pro Display XDR launched at a starting price of $4,999, with the 'Pro Stand' costing an additional $999. With inflation running high, it's hard to imagine the updated screen costing any less.

Studio Display in modern office

The Apple Studio Display (Image credit: Future)

It's suggested that we might also see a sequel to Apple's much more affordable 27-inch Studio Display monitor. Again there are no specifics, an it sounds early for that since the original was only released in March, but if Apple manages to iron out some of the flaws in the 2021 model and add HDR and a better refresh rate, this could be the monitor we've been wanting from the Cupertino giant. 

For more monitor options to choose from today, see our pick of the best touchscreen monitors and the best monitor with webcam. Also make sure you have one of the best monitor calibrators

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