New infographic helps you colour match your branding


As we know, using colour in branding effectively is key to a campaign's success. But how can designers be sure which colours are suitable for which projects?

A new infographic by Iconic Fox aims to demystify the science of colour by breaking down the rainbow into the common associations, gender preferences and existing uses of each colour.

The Colour in Branding Infographic is an easy reference guide to make sure that you make the right colour choices in your designs. It aims to help designers avoid making any faux pas – by splashing 'cheap' colours over a luxury brand's business cards, for example.

According to Iconic Fox, Green is a more controversial colour among audiences who identify as female

Iconic Fox brand creator Stephen Houraghan said that the quality content on Creative Bloq actually helped influence the infographic. "We didn’t find a really detailed, comprehensive infographic though, so once we gathered all of our info, we decided to design a comprehensive infographic."

Orange is used by some budget retailers and airlines, which is perhaps why it's associated with cheapness

To see the full infographic, head over to the Iconic Fox site.

The classic colour of sophistication, black risks being perceived as menacing

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