The new Adobe Fresco and Photoshop brushes you need to know about

Keith Haring brushes
(Image credit: Adobe)

Any creative using digital art software knows the power of an excellent set of brushes. Elevating your work with a click of a button, brushes exist for every texture and tool imaginable – adding an extra zing wherever you deem it worthy. 

So you'll understand our excitement over the news that Adobe has just launched a brand-new set of brushes for Photoshop and Fresco. Inspired by the work of colourful artist Keith Haring, the collection is a bold, bright homage to his pop art and graffiti-like style, and it's heading straight to our list of top Photoshop brushes.

Keith Haring brushes

Seven brushes have been created, all inspired by Haring's style (Image credit: Adobe)

Adobe has digitised the style of Haring in brush form and has made them available for anyone who wants to create with them – staying loyal to the personal ethos of Haring, which was that "art is for everybody". The project is in association with the Keith Haring Studio, and includes the roll out of new places to share your work with the world – namely, digital canvases (and an exciting opportunity to share your work at Adobe Max 2020 – more on that later).

Since Haring was known for his use of unconventional art tools, the process of digitising them in brush form was not always simple. Kyle Webster, Adobe's senior designer, explains that "this time the challenge was really to try and look at the range of materials he used that are very common to everybody who uses any kind of natural media."

This meant replicating chalks, markers and paints, vinyl paint materials and spray paint (you can find out more about the process here). The resulting brushes take the following forms:

  • Sumi Ink 
  • Marker 
  • Chalk 
  • Felt Tip 
  • Acrylic Paint 
  • Spray Paint 
  • Dripping Paint 

As part of the project, Adobe has launched a competition to have your work shown at this year's Adobe Max 2020 – the Keith Haring Contest. Eight winners will be chosen, and they will also get $5,000 each and a year's subscription to Creative Cloud. For another chance to showcase your work at this year's Adobe Max, why not apply for a paid job designing assets for the online conference?  

You can download the Keith Haring brushes here.

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