New Super Bowl LV logo leaked, and it's not good

super bowl logos
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The Super Bowl is a big deal for lots of reasons, so you'd be forgiven for thinking that there'd be a huge budget to create an incredible brand identity. Not so, it seems. The latest logo for next year's Super Bowl LV in Tampa, Florida has just been leaked, and as logos go, it's pretty underwhelming (and that's us being nice). 

The new Super Bowl 2021 logo (above) looks almost exactly like the logo for this year (below). Neither is very exciting. And as Brits who haven't grown up watching the games, we have to admit that it took us a while to decipher it, and figure out that it says LV, not LIV (which is this year's Super Bowl). 

If you're not in the US and do want to get involved, see our guide to how to live stream the Super Bowl for free.

As we detailed in our logo design guide, a good logo should be legible and understandable for those who don't know much about the brand. It doesn't look like this new logo will be making it into our list of best logos anytime soon.

super bowl logos

The current logo for Super Bowl LIV (not LIIV, apparently) (Image credit: Sports

What's different between this logo and the current one? Well... there's no extra 'I', so it doesn't read LIIV, just LIV (to the untrained eye). And the colour of the banner below the letters is now orange, instead of green. Wonderful. We can only assume this is supposed to represent something about the location of the event, but it's not immediately obvious what. Is it supposed to represent Florida's oranges, perhaps?

Anyway, the logo follows the template for other Super Bowl logos, as you can see by looking at them in all their marvellous glory below. And while you could argue that this is similar to the PS5 logo debate, in which designers complained that Sony had just used the same logo as always but added a different number, at least the PlayStation logo is actually good in the first place. (Too harsh?)

super bowl logos

A history of Super Bowl logos in all their glory (Image credit: Sports

People on social media were quick to point out their disappointment. 

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Others are still hung up on the 'LIV' thing from this year's logo.

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On the sort of bright side, there is also this host committee logo, which at least looks like it makes some sort of nod to the setting.

super bowl logos

There's a ship... and a ball, so that's something (Image credit: Sports

Overall, we've got our fingers crossed for 2022. But we won't be holding our breath. 


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