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Wait, what colour is the new Nintendo Switch Lite?

Nintendo Switch Lite blue
Purple? Blue? Indigo? (Image credit: Nintendo/Future owns)

Nintendo fans have been eagerly awaiting a new hardware announcement for a while now – but the company's latest release might not be quite when they were expecting. Rather than the anticipated Switch Pro, Ninty has gifted us a new colour for the Switch Lite. But users are torn over what said colour actually is.

Officially, it's blue. That's what Nintendo is calling it, anyway. Announced yesterday on Twitter (below), the blue Switch Lite is available on 7 May, and it joins the current line up of grey, yellow, turquoise and pink. (If you're ready to start gaming, check out our best Nintendo Switch deals.)

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But many fans have pointed out that the new colour looks rather similar to some past Nintendo products, namely the original Gamecube and Game Boy Advance. Both of which were, erm, purple. Indeed, many are suggesting that the 'blue' Switch Lite actually looks more like purple – and yep, we can see it.

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Others, meanwhile, disagree – particularly when it comes to the GameCube. While the new Switch does look pretty similar in colour to the original Game Boy Advance (above), the GameCube is arguably more purple.

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Anyway, back to the new Switch. Is it blue or is it purple? (Or is it really, like everyone's favourite dress, white and gold?) Thankfully, Nintendo Life has already taken it upon itself to run some highly scientific tests, aka exploring the hex code of the colour, and has concluded that the new Switch is in fact closer to indigo. Which, incidentally, is exactly what Nintendo called the colour of the original GameCube. (Coincidence? We think... maybe.)

Well, the new Switch Lite has certainly got people talking, and offered a welcome distraction while we wait for the Switch Pro (which sounds incredible) to finally drop. If you don't fancy waiting, check out today's best Nintendo Switch deals below.

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