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The new Nintendo Switch OLED Model is here (and gamers aren't happy)

So, it turns out the much-rumoured upgraded Nintendo Switch is not called the Nintendo Switch Pro, or the Super Nintendo Switch. Instead, it has been given the altogether less exciting title: Nintendo Switch OLED Model. And if the immediate fan reaction is anything to go by, the specs are as disappointing as the name.

After months of speculation, Nintendo finally announced the "new' console today, and it hasn't exactly been met with rapturous applause. Spoiler alert: if a slightly improved screen isn't that important to you, you might want to stick to these brilliant Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals.

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So what's new? As the name suggests, it's all about the screen. At 7 inches, it's slightly larger than the standard model, which is 6.2 inches. And as opposed to LCD, an OLED display means brighter colours and sharper contrast. 

Nintendo Switch OLED model

The Nintendo Switch OLED model (Image credit: Nintendo)

Also new is bumped-up storage (now at 64GB), a wired LAN port, enhanced speakers and a wider kickstand. Oh, and a new (and admittedly fetching) white colour. And that's about it. There were several features rumoured for the so-called Switch Pro, including a new Nvidia chip, 4K output to TVs and improved battery, none of which have materialised. What we've ended up with is a device that's pretty much the same internally, with a better display. And it seems fans are more than a little disappointed.

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Still, it's entirely possible that Nintendo has an actual Switch Pro up its sleeve – but today's announcement suggests that won't be arriving any time soon. In the meantime, fans will have to make do with a brighter screen. (And new kickstand. Let's not forget the new kickstand.) Thankfully, where the Switch truly excels is in the quality of its games – and at least all of the best Nintendo Switch games will look a little better on the Switch Pro, sorry, Switch OLED model.

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